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“Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice.”

In both business and boxing a strong character and mental strength are required to give participants an extra edge on the competition. Boxing mirrors business in many ways. Unless you are an elite athlete or born into high business stock you invariably start at the bottom and work diligently to reach the top.

Business people first enter the gym for many reasons. For some it serves as a form of stress release after a busy day in the office. Boxing keeps the brain active. Similar to other activities such as fencing, ballet or dancing, boxing is about choreographing moves that are practiced on a regular basis and ultimately perfected. The brain is fully engaged and the recipient works their brain muscles to stay mentally sharp while also working their physical muscles to remain flexible.

That is why many business people choose boxing to get fitter and in better shape. After mastering the basic skills, many realise the abundant similarities between the sport of boxing and a business career. The need for hard work, and dedication becomes apparent. A resilience and desire to improve are critical requirements.

In boxing, as in business, many mistakes will be made. These are sometimes embarrassing or frustrating but it is important to view them as learning opportunities. The successful boxer must get hit in the face, or punch incorrectly in order for their coach to correct their mistakes and create a better future version of themselves. This is the same for the business person who misses the sale, adds up the numbers incorrectly, or says the wrong thing at a business meeting.

It is inevitable that errors will be made along the way; in boxing, in business, in life. It is about how we bounce back from them, how we learn and ensure the problem does not occur again.

Learning from these experiences is a key factor in progression both in the gym, the ring or the boardroom.

“Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice.”

The champion boxer realises how important it is to remain calm and focused, even when things are not going their way. Nurturing that discipline is a key factor to consider when taking up combat sports. A great amount of discipline is needed to succeed as a fighter, just as the successful business person or entrepreneur also needs to be disciplined and focused. The person who loses their head, loses the fight. The person who gets too emotional misses the sale or an opportunity to network and connect.

The chance to train for a white collar boxing bout is an opportunity that should be taken advantage of by any keen business professional. Often the white collar arrangements are based around an 8-10 week training camp that culminates in a show held at a respected hotel or location. The boxers are matched according to their ability and raise money for charity by selling tickets to their family and friends. There is a huge incentive to get fit in a motivating manner that is beneficial to future health and fitness. Getting fit and raising capital are often a perfect merging of the interests and talents of the boxer and the business person.

The successful business person refuses to leave any stone unturned. Like the championship boxer they are a perfectionist. Closing deals or working out has to be done correctly to achieve success. Transferring these principles to boxing training pays dividends. Listening to the advice of experienced, competent coaches will improve boxing skills and fine-tune fitness.

It is important to follow the instructions of a quality trainer. He or she is the expert. They make the plans and work out a strategy. In business it is important to listen to a mentor, because they have more experience. Similarly, in boxing, it is highly recommended to work with a good coach who knows what they are doing.


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