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What happens when a person with an entrepreneurial mindset meets boxing ?

The boxing ring and the boardroom can be unforgiving arenas. Just as the business person ascends from intern to manager to CEO, so the boxer moves from novice to professional to world champion.

A group sharing a common goal can achieve extraordinary results. Work together, train together, grow together.

"It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe" - Muhammed Ali

Elite traject clients train together to achieve positive outcomes. The teamwork of business, forged in an entrepreneurial mind, mixes perfectly with the rigours of the ring. Personal development in mind and body: as the mind expands, the body grows stronger. Building on strengths, while identifying areas for improvement, the Elite traject assesses body functions, working on cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength, posture, breathing and recovery. The new sports school in Breda contains a boxing ring, speed balls, boxing bags - all the tools of the boxing trade.

The busy business professional punches numbers by day and works the punch bag by night. Casting off the stresses and strains of business life -while still maintaining similar principles- a detailed boxing regimen is the increasing choice of champions.

The Elite Traject ticks all boxes in this regard. The spirit of competition in a controlled, professional environment. Training three times per week, the course includes a personal training system based off an individual assessment and personal objectives. The strong group ethos is emphasised by a group training session in the ring, or with speed balls and punch bags. Driven on by other members of the exclusive group, individual entrepreneurs are inspired to reach and achieve their goals.

Just as the professional boxer moves towards his/her title aspirations, the Elite Traject pushes clients in line with their own personal goals. The Elite traject lasts 12 weeks and is structured in three intensity blocks.

The sport of boxing parallels the intense business world of in its drive for results. The journey of the fighter is a transition, with a transferable set of skills to the entrepreneur.

Grit, determination, focus, an innate desire to improve and develop. To survive and to thrive. Sharpen both the mind and the body, the physical and the mental, in tandem.



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