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Everything else <as F.Califano would say> it's boring!

Far from the origins, few reliable people met (but precious) and many lessons learned along the way. Thinking only helps to hint, so this time it is better to let it go, and dedicate yourself to a few pages of Paolo Coelho: The warrior of light! 

It's time to listen, to vibrate, to let the right moves show up as a boxing technique that requires years of repetition to become an automatism. Sometimes it really seems to be in the boxing ring: the stench of cowards feels at a distance, the pride of the strong electrifies in the air, the adrenaline permeates the walls and the love for reality is celebrated at the sound of the gong!

With boxing training you understand what you're made of and who the people around you are. 

You must not destroy anyone, you must not beat, you must dedicate yourself to your growth. 

Life in business is the same! 

Shortcuts are just the way to a quick surrender. 

Dialogue, tenacity, committment and the values ​​you have inside are the things that matter, that create impact. Everything else <as Franco Califano would say> It's boring!


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